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Who is the Breakout Store?

The Breakout Store is a distributor of digital games throughout the world.  Using a quick and easy download process, you can purchase all of your favourite games and enjoy immediate delivery.  We are a full digital games platform, which means that we provide you with all of the information necessary to activate, download and install the complete games that you purchase.


Is the Breakout Store selling approved games?

Yes!  We are an approved reseller for all of the game publishers represented.  Revenues from games that are sold are shared with the publishers at rates they provide.


How do I reach Customer Support, and when is it open?

You can reach the GameMiles support team by email to support@breakoutgamestore.com.


When can I expect to see new games?

Game titles are released by the publishers on a regular basis, and they will be available for purchase on Breakout immediately as they are made available.


What is a GameMiles Gift Card?

Gift Cards for the GameMiles game store are available for purchase in many of our partner’s online stores. The value of the Card can be used towards full or partial payments for any games that are available in the store.


How do I use my Gift Card?

Your Gift Card will have a value amount and a unique code. When you have selected the game, or games, that you want to buy, and have placed them in your cart, you will next visit the Checkout page. At the bottom left of this page you will find a prompt to enter your Gift Card number. Once this has been done the amount of the Gift Card will be deducted from the total sale amount, and if there is a balance still owing you will continue through the standard payment process.

Should you have a balance remaining on your Gift Card be sure to remember the unique code as you will need to enter it again on your next purchase.


Why is my Gift Card amount different than what I expected?

Gift Cards are issued in multiple currencies. As an example, if you purchased a Gift Card in Euros but you are living in the UK, your store will have games priced in GBP. When you use your Euro-denominated Gift Card it will automatically convert that value of that card from Euros to GBP based on the current exchange rate in the store.


Does Breakout allow me to pre-order any games?

Yes! When a publisher authorizes us to make a new game title available for pre-order we will let all our members know via newsletter, and when the game is released you will be able to download it right away.


Are there any costs to be a member of Breakout?

Absolutely not.  Membership is free and without obligation.


Can I buy games for other people?

For sure.  Games purchased can be sent as gifts to others, and we also sell gift certificates that you can send to your favourite gamer!


What are Breakout Reward Points (BRP) and how are they used?

Every time you make a purchase at the Breakout Game Store you will earn valuable Breakout Reward Points which can then be used for future purchases from within the Game Store, or elsewhere within the Breakout Gaming Group of entertainment sites. These include tournament entries and other special promotions.


Will my BRP expire?

No – Breakout Reward Points will not expire